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Professor Emeritus

Dr. Ahmed Adel Nour-Eldin

A Shining Pillar of the Aesthetic & Plastic Surgical Communities throughout the Middle East!
To somehow attempt an all-encompassing account of this man’s Titanic history is foolish. Instead of that proposition, we shall briefly tackle a bird’s eye synopsis of Prof. Ahmed’s profound experiences and pedigree in the medical field. Following that, we will recount his accomplishments in chronological order tracing the journey from graduate to greatness!
In doing so, we hope to convey the immense wisdom and grandeur behind this wonderful, humble human being. The tale of Prof. Ahmed’s career is one of a tireless pursuit of knowledge and expertise, a diligent toiling to achieve excellence and finally a vocation to disseminate all this accumulated wisdom among the minds and hearts of the generations that will one day succeed him.

Nour Clinic – A Brief Overview

Established thirty years ago in 1988 by the inimitable Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour-Eldin. Nour Clinic is one of the longest standing Establishments when it comes to Cosmetic Services, Training Promising Generations of Doctors & Pioneering the Latest Innovations in the fields Of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine!

Prof. Ahmed has continually striven to widen the scope of services provided in his clinic beyond his areas of expertise to better reflect the evolving demands of his vast array of customers.
Committed to the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of his practice, he has traveled the world to stay abreast of the latest and most cutting-edge in the world of Aesthetics. He has introduced numerous novel techniques to Egypt and The Middle East. Moreover, he has championed budding ideas with yet untapped potential in the form of Regenerative Medicine. Finally, he has aimed to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the up-and-coming doctors of the future making sure that his legacy lives on in each of them long into the future.

Nour Clinic is unmatched pedigree-wise; boasting a team of adroit Associate Plastic Surgery Fellows and Aesthetic Dermatologists working in tandem with over 20 Nurses, Technicians, and Employees. The premises accommodate four operating theaters in addition to four more rooms dedicated to Laser & Aesthetic procedures.

More About The Clinic

Nour Cosmetic Clinic

Umbrella Services Outline

Nour Clinic Services

In this section, we shall list the “marquee” services offered at Nour Clinic. Each of these services can be considered an umbrella under which innumerable other services fall. A detailed look into each of those topics can be found in their respective sections elsewhere

Hair Transplantation

More Than

Prof. Ahmed Nour-Eldin was certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) as a Hair Surgeon in 2010 and was the president of the Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons (ESPRS) in 2013. He was also the Deputy Secretary General of the International Federation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (IPRAS) 2010 - 2014.

Prof. Ahmed’s area of greatest expertise & the procedure he’s most renowned for. He has constantly pioneered the latest techniques; exemplified by the time he introduced the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) technique of Hair Transplantation to Egypt in 2009.

Prof. Ahmed’s expertise was further cemented in 2010 when he received certification as a Hair Transplantation Surgeon from the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). The ABHRS is considered the ultimate authority in the world when it comes to Hair Restoration certification

What is Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) technique of Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is one of the most common appearance problems that ruins the look especially for young aged both males and females of various range of ages affecting different areas specially the scalp but fortunately it is not that impossible to solve.
Once patients decide they want to have a hair transplant – the next question patients’ think about is usually which type of surgery they would have and, pressingly, which one we would recommend. There are two methods of hair transplant surgery. In Nour clinic we provide both solutions.
Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) technique which is a type of hair transplant surgery in which each follicle group is extracted individually from a donor part of the body, usually the sides and back of the head using specialist micro surgical punches in which each follicle removal incision is so limited and heals rapidly. It has become popular over the past decade because there is no thin linear scar on the back of the head, so it is optimal for short hairstyle.
A drawback of the FUE procedure is that, the donor area has to be shaved in most of the cases for the surgeon to have a good view of the hair follicles – so if a patient normally have a long hairstyle, he might not want to shave and opt for the FUT procedure. Generally we obtain a fewer number of hairs in each procedure with FUE compared to strip FUT. Conceivably, there is a higher risk of donor hair exhaustion with FUE, as the grafts have less tissue that protects the root, than those transplanted with strip FUT. However, for many patients, the benefits of FUE overcome the hazard.

Before Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)

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After Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)

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Another solution that Nour clinic provides is the technique of
Follicular Unit Transplantation (Strip FUT).

It is optimal for people with advanced hair loss who need large amounts of grafts to be transplanted to achieve the desired effect. The surgeon removes a strip of skin (with the hairs and follicle groups), from the donor area (usually from the back of the head) and then the follicles are separated individually in a special way to obtain grafts of 1-2-3-4 hairs.
With FUT there is no need to shave the donor hair area before surgery. The principal benefit of strip FUT is that we take the hairs from the most dense part of the scalp, and the risk of the hair units wasting is much less than with FUE.
A drawback of strip FUT is, it might leave a faint linear scar at the back of the donor site (usually the back of the head). Our skilled surgeons will stitch the wound to leave a very thin and easily undetectable scar to the untrained eye. As the part removed is taken from an area of full of hair, hair above the scar will regrow and will generally cover the scar.
When a person asks our recommendation of which procedure they should have, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each and then we reach a decision based on the persons’ needs and expectations. However, all procedures should deliver a natural looking result lasting a lifetime if performed by a proficient surgeon.

TV Episodes
Hair Transplantation | Prof. Ahmed Nour-Eldin

د/أحمد عادل نور الدين إستشاري جراحات التجميل - زراعة الشعر

قناة الحياة

الطرق الحديثة لزراعة الشعر مع احمد عادل نور الدين

قناة القاهرة والناس

د/أحمد عادل نور الدين إستشاري جراحات التجميل - زراعة الشعر

قناة الحياة

(Scalp Micro Pigmentation)

More Than

Nour clinic comes with the advanced treatment of Scalp Micro Pigmentation Which simply is a non-surgical procedure that uses cosmetic tattoo to create the look of full head of shaved hair using natural pigments specifically designed for the scalp. That matched in the color the natural hair tone in no time and without any scars or even pain that caused by natural tattoo.

Results of SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation)


Hair Transplantation Cases


Conservative Hair loss Treatment Cases


Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) Cases

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Nour Clinic

Highly Technological
Devices & Instruments

FotoFinder TrichoVision

FotoFinder’s Trichovision® will enhance your hair consultations in a variety of ways. This innovative technology delivers brilliant trichoscopic and clinical images to give you an accurate view of the extent of the hair loss. The system also provides integrated diagnostic support through the exclusive TrichoLAB service, which offers a detailed analysis of the condition of the hair and follicles.


The lesser the movement, the lesser the risk to damage the follicle. The principle is to cut the skin with a flat punch. This unique Hybrid Trumpet Punch makes penetration in the skin very easy and much less traumatic. The punch can go deeper without damaging hair follicles, which is crucial to ensure a better regrowth. The WAW system uses an oscillatory and very short movement.

Other FUE devices

The CDD-Vortex

It is used to improve patient results and increase overall efficiency. This is the only device of its kind featuring a patented depth control tip.

The ERTIP FUE micro motor

Offers a wide range of Punches with Various Sizes & Tip Lengths

SMP (Finishing Touches Group)

Scalp micropigmentation is taking hair loss to a whole new level.
Scalp Micropigmentation also known as SMP, is a form of scalp tattooing, in which specialised needles are used to implant coloured pigments/inks into the scalp, face or body to replicate a hair follicle, create densification or to camouflage hair loss. SMP is an effective solution for an extensive range of hair loss conditions, from male and female pattern baldness to transplantation scarring.

Founders of Nour Clinic

Established thirty years ago in 1988 by the inimitable Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour-Eldin. Nour Clinic is one of the longest standing Establishments when it comes to Cosmetic Services, Training Promising Generations of Doctors & Pioneering the Latest Innovations in the fields Of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine!

Prof. Ahmed Noureldin

Prof. Emeritus Plastic Surgery, Cairo University

Chairman of Aesthetic Academy of Egypt (AAEgy)

Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

Past President of the Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESPRS)

Founder of Nour Clinic 1988

Prof. Lobna Ghanem

Prof. Emeritus Clinical Pathology, Theodor Bilharz Research Institute

Member of International Society Plastic Regeneration Surgery (ISPRS)

Manager of Green Lab

Manager of Nour Clinic

Dr. Marwan Noureldin

First Assistant of Prof. Ahmed Nour El-Din

Specialist Plastic Surgery, MSc

Member of Royal College of Surgeons (UK, MRCS)

Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)

More Nour Clinic Services

In this section, we shall list the “marquee” services offered at Nour Clinic. Each of these services can be considered an umbrella under which innumerable other services fall. A detailed look into each of those topics can be found in their respective sections elsewhere

Representing the pinnacle of technology in the field, SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment for stubborn fat. It’s the most recent innovation in the cosmetic world and Nour Clinic is the first clinic in Africa to acquire it.

It’s a non-invasive tool for lipolysis (dissolving fat) used to treat those troublesome areas of resistant fat in the abdomen, flank, inner & outer thighs and back. Requiring only 25 minutes per session with NO surgery or downtime, SculpSure promises you results within 6 weeks and reaching your optimal target within 12 weeks. Its side effects are mild and transient. Using a high powered laser applied from outside the body, it permanently destroys the targeted fat cells.

Facial Rejuvenation

An umbrella term covering a wide array of procedures both surgical and non-surgical including lifts, Botox, chemical peeling and much more.

Body Contouring

Another umbrella term that spans both surgical and non-surgical approaches to the reshaping of various body parts, ex: Arm Lifts, Butt Lifts, Radio-Frequency… etc.

Breast Enhancement

Encompassing a wide range of techniques and procedures with the ultimate aim of achieving a most aesthetically and physically pleasing outcome. You may place your faith in the hands of our proficient Associate Plastic Surgery Fellows.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Our team of ingenious Aesthetic Dermatologists is ready to meet your every Dermatological demand armed with both the latest guidelines & developments in their field and making use of the state-of-the-art technology available at the clinic to deliver the highest standards of care.

Scar Management

When you are injured, whether in an accident, surgery, a burn or even due to acne, you will end up getting scars on your skin. This may cause linear scars, burn scars, keloid scars or facial scars, which are aesthetically unpleasing to the eyes, these scars leave permanent noticeable marks on your body, which may cause a lot of damage to your self-confidence and your appearance among people.
In Nour Clinic, we have the solution for your problems. We do scar management to all types of scars, we use many techniques to get the best result. We do skin graft, excision, steroid injections, laser surgery, PRP and state of the art “Stem Cell Therapy”.

Serdev Suture

Percutaneous (through the skin) Facial Rejuvenation by Serdev Suture Suspension

In Nour clinic, we are proud that we are experts in doing Serdev suture suspension to rejuvenate the face with an experience of more than 10 years.

We don’t use threads (thread lifting) that pass through the face or the neck. They become loose, many be visible or palpable and cause chronic pain. The Serdev suture suspension technique is totally different. It is like surgical face lifting but without surgical incision and without undermining, so there is almost no downtime.

The main advantage of the procedure is that it is essentially attaching and securely anchoring a movable structure like the neck platysma muscle (a subcutaneous neck muscle) or the midface sagging tissues and then fixing this movable structure to another fixed structure which is the periosteum (a layer covering the bone), this is done by a special slowly absorbing suture material and a special needle.

Nour Clinic Vision

Ascending in status from a Prestigious Clinic of 30-years’ History
to an Eminent Establishment of Medical Tourism and Knowledge Dissemination in the Middle East

Prof. Ahmed Nour-Eldin

The Founder

A Stroll Down Nour Clinic’s Memory

Lane In this section | Since 1988

we shall provide a succinct look at the milestones of Nour Clinic throughout the decades since its foundation. The walls of the clinic carry within them the echoes of a far greater history chock-full of hard work, diligence, ingenuity, tutoring, and excellence. We can merely point out here some of the landmark events that took place over the years.

Nour Clinic Timeline

  • 1988
    30 years ago marked the foundation of this preeminent Establishment by the illustrious Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour-Eldin.
  • 1988
    Three decades ago, the clinic services on offer spanned both fields of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology.
  • 1995
    Nour Clinic pioneered the use of Botox and Fillers.
  • 1998
    Witnessed the introduction of Prof. Ahmed’s area of greatest expertise; Hair Transplantation.
  • 2003
    Started offering Laser Hair Removal services at the clinic.
  • 2005
    Introduced the use of Fractional Laser for Rejuvenation purposes.
  • 2007
    Pioneered the use of the “Serdev” Suture Suspension/Lift for Rejuvenation purposes by the clinic Experts.
  • 2009
    Introduction of Hair Transplantation by FUE technique “Follicular Unit Excision” to Egypt by Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour-Eldin.
  • 2010
    Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour-Eldin received certification as a Hair Transplantation Surgeon by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery “ABHRS”.
  • 2011
    Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour-Eldin becomes the first physician in the Middle East to pioneer Laser-assisted Liposuction.
  • 2013
    Partnered with Prof. Lobna Ghanem’s Green Lab. Her lab was the 1st one to specialize in the field of Regenerative Medicine. The lab’s biggest specialties are:
    • Adipose-derived Stem Cells used in cases of Alopecia (Hair Loss), Scar treatment and Rejuvenation.
    • Lab-prepared PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) following the rigorous methodology laid down by Prof. Lobna herself.
  • 2014
    Introduced SMP (Scalp MicroPigmentation/Tricopigmentation) to improve the quality and results of Hair Restoration Surgery.
  • 2015
    1st and only clinic in Egypt to introduce the MAFT-gun (Micro-Autologous Fat Transplantation Gun) technique for fat injection in the face and breast.
  • 2016
    Introduced the “Fotofinder” system for evaluating hair growth and pathology before and after Hair Transplantation.
  • 2017
    Introduction of “SculpSure” the 1st FDA-Approved non-invasive body sculpting technique through laser-based Lipolysis. This represents the pinnacle of technology in the field.

Laboratory Services

Provided by the renowned Green Lab, partners with Nour Clinic and run by the esteemed Prof. Lobna Ghanem. Green

Lab provides all the expected routine laboratory investigations. However, what distinguishes it from other labs, is its unparalleled work in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Specializing in the production of the highest quality PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) and Fat Cell-derived Stem Cells and their use in multitudinous procedures from Alopecia (Hair Loss) to Skin Rejuvenation and Scar Healing.

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Lobna Ghanem

The Founder of Green Lab

The “Luminous Star of Regenerative Medicine” in Egypt and, indeed, the Middle East. Dr. Lobna’s storied career spans multiple decades and fields. We can only hope to shed a fleeting light across the highlights of that resplendent career. So we start, appropriately, at the beginning.

The year was 1980. Dr. Lobna has just graduated from the oldest edifice of Medicine in Egypt, AlKasr Al-Ainy Medical School of Cairo University. In the decade that followed, Dr. Lobna would amass both a Masters degree and an MD in the fields of Clinical and Chemical Pathology respectively (1985/1995). Her pathway in the fields of Medicine would then branch out into multiple disciplines, indicative of her unmatched voracity for all things scientific.

Green Lab

Regenerative Medicine Experts

What of the present? We can already tell from what we’ve mentioned so far that Dr. Lobna is not one to rest on her laurels. Her decades’ worth of experience, training, scientific research, and hard work culminate in the crowning jewel of her career, Green Lab. Working in affiliation with Nour Cosmetic Clinic (run by the inimitable Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour-Eldin) Dr. Lobna oversees the lab as its manager.

Green Lab Services

Aside from performing all the expected “routine” laboratory investigations, Green Lab is renowned for the pioneering and championing of Regenerative Medicine procedures. Implementing the absolute state of the art methodologies combined with unyielding Standard and Quality Control measures, Green Lab undertakes the preparation of both Stem Cells and PlateletRich-Plasma (PRP) for use in a vast array of Regenerative Medical applications.

Led by Dr. Lobna herself, there are no staff more qualified in the entire region. Through Green Lab, Dr. Lobna doesn’t just set the standard, she is also constantly pushing the boundaries of the field on a daily basis. The star that is Dr. Lobna may have been shining incandescently for years but one thing’s for sure… She continues to rise even higher and shine even brighter every single day.

Prof. Lobna personally presides over the preparatory process and enforces very strict codes ensuring the highest standard of Quality Control.

Not satisfied with resting on their laurels, Green Lab is always pushing the envelope of Regenerative Medicine seeking new avenues to expand their applications into; like the possible use of PRP and Stem Cells in the field of Orthopedics.
Integral to Nour Clinic’s status of excellence and the core component behind its innovative drive is Green Lab run by the peerless Prof. Lobna Ghanem. Beyond the routine laboratory investigations it offers, Green Lab serves as the bedrock of the revolutionary Regenerative Medicine pioneered and championed by Nour Clinic. Both Green Lab and Nour Clinic have become synonymous with each other since their partnership back in 2013.