Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, stripes or lines that develop on the skin and differ from the surrounding skin and that is a problem that bothers both men and women of nearly all ages Up to 90 percent of women get stretch marks during pregnancy, though they also affect men and teenagers.

They often occur during body changes such as significant weight gain, puberty, and extreme muscle building. Although they are not physically painful, stretch marks can affect a person's self-esteem. They can be disfiguring in severe cases. In Nour Clinic, we can help you get through this problem; we use multiple techniques like laser light, which proved to be very effective in reducing stretch marks appearance. Pulsed dye lasers and intense pulsed light can improve the appearance of stretch marks and increase collagen production over time. Another solution, which is a well-known technique in Nour Clinic, is the Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) therapy that can revive skin and increase collagen production.


Cellulite is the bulgy, dimpled lumps on the thighs, arms, stomach, or the buttocks. Anyone can develop cellulite, as Cellulite is not a weight issue; even very thin people can have cellulite but unfortunately, it badly affects self confidence and self-esteem.

In Nour Clinic, we use the most advanced techniques and technologies to spare you the suffering and the bad look of cellulite. Our team of experienced dermatologists use advanced laser technology that reduces the dimpled lumps under your skin. The result is a rejuvenated skin, your skin becomes softer, smoother and tighter with no lumps or ballooned up skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Our team of aesthetic dermatologists perform laser hair removal. If you are not satisfied with waxing and shaving repeatedly to remove the unwanted hair, then laser hair removal may be an option to try.

Lasers are very effective with removing the unwanted hair from the leg, face, arm, underarm and other areas. Laser hair removal is one of the most successfully performed cosmetic procedures in the world. It beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigments in the follicles absorb the light that destroys the unwanted hair. Just before the procedure, your unwanted hair will be trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface. The laser equipment will be adjusted according to the thickness, color, and location of your hair and your skin.

Dark Circles

A lot of people suffer from the dark circles under their eyes without knowing its cause or the solution for this crucial problem that affects their look and self-confidence sometimes and unfortunately it is not always a temporary problem and even more difficult to treat than black bags. It is caused by lack of sleep, menstrual disorders, chronic stress, poor diet, medications and sometimes it’s hereditary.

However, In Nour Clinic our team of experts provide different solutions for this problem depending on various factors such as the color of your skin and the volume in your eye and cheek and the cause of these dark circles. Such solutions are laser skin Resurfacing which selectively removes the skin cell and uses the body’s natural healing process to create new healthy skin cells or using injectable fillers to fill the area under the eye which gives the healthy skin it’s plump and smooth appearance again. In addition to more other options.

Facial Peels

We all take good care of our skin especially skin of our face, as it is always exposed and not covered unlike skin of the body, your facial skin is vulnerable to be damaged by the burning sun, acne, weather changes and aging that causes wrinkles.

All these factors would ruin the look of your face, but you don’t have to be stressed about it, because we have the solution for your problem. In Nour clinic, we do facial peel, which is a non-surgical procedure that improves the skin’s appearance, we put the chemical substance on your skin that makes it "blister" and eventually peel off. The new skin is usually smoother with no traces of acne, wrinkles or sunburns. We do many types of peeling in Nour Clinic, such as chemical peeling with includes TCA peeling and phenol peeling and many others, guaranteeing you fantastic results with beautified rejuvenated face.

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