Serdev Sutures

In Nour clinic, we are proud that we are experts in doing Serdev suture suspension to rejuvenate the face with an experience of more than 10 years. We don’t use threads (thread lifting) that pass through the face or the neck. They become loose, many be visible or palpable and cause chronic pain. The Serdev suture suspension technique is totally different. It is like surgical face lifting but without surgical incision without undermining, so there is almost no downtime.

The main advantage of the procedure is that it is essentially attaching and securely anchoring a movable structure like the neck platysma muscle (a subcutaneous neck muscle) or the midface sagging tissues and then fixing this movable structure to another fixed structure which is the periosteum (a layer covering the bone), this is done by a special slowly absorbing suture material and a special needle. The tight anchoring and fixation entail healing of movable tissues in their new location with a long-lasting result of almost 2 years.

It is done under local anesthesia and serves to treat all segments of face: Midface, Temporal, Browse, Lower Face, Neck and Cheekbones More than one segment can be done in the same sitting, each one takes about 10 minutes. Patient satisfaction is high as the results are immediate and last for a long time and moreover no downtime after the operation.

The famous Bulgarian surgeon Nikolay Serdev is a dear friend to Nour Clinic and practiced some cases in collaboration with our team in Bulgaria and in Nour clinic in Cairo.


Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour Eldin is a renowned international trainer for major firms in the use of fillers. We are using it in Nour clinic successfully for the past 15 years. Proper material, careful patient selection and education, knowledge of injection anatomy; all are the GPS for a successful aesthetic journey ending with natural beauty.

Botox® Injection

Prof. Ahmed Adel Nour Eldin is an international trainer and expert in Botox Injections. In Nour clinic we use Botox professionally over the last 15 years.

To get good results:
- Proper material.
- Experienced physician who can choose proper site and dose.
- Every case should be assessed carefully.
- Every case should have a precise plan.
- Every case should set a specific follow up.
- Aim is always natural beauty without complications

Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Lift

The eyes are the windows to the soul or so they say. Certainly they receive the lion’s share of people’s gaze during everyday contact. Droopy eyelids and bags under the eyes confer the earliest signs of aging to those around us. Furthermore, they can falsely project a perpetual image of tiredness or even physically start blocking your peripheral vision.

Blepharoplasty is the procedure concerned with fixing that image and giving you back a revitalized, youthful look. It’s a minor cosmetic outpatient procedure that has you returning home in the same day. It involves the removal of excess skin and fat from your upper and/or lower eyelids to eliminate any sagging and tighten the area around your eyes. Incisions are hidden within your natural skin folds and the procedure can even be combined with others like a brow lift should your case warrant it. It can take years upon years off your apparent age and you can be certain that every one will take note of your rejuvenated, focused look.

Rhinoplasty - Nose Job

Nose job is described as the surgery of millimeters, that indicates how meticulous the surgeon should be starting from proper pre-operative evaluation, intra-operative plan and post-operative instructions.
The smart surgeon will make the post-operative convalescence smooth and the detailed pre-operative discussion will make patients accept it, however the success of the nose job is that having a natural and a beautiful nose that will not look surgical, so nobody can tell what happened but no defects are there. That is our policy in Nour clinic.

Double Chin Treatment

The neck is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to your self-image. Unbeknownst to most, contouring the neck can do wonders for you cosmetically! The neck is always exposed to the sun and the elements. It is very susceptible to damage over time from that along with aging and fluctuations in our body weight. This can all result in sagging skin and loose muscles which contribute in a major way to an image of senility and seeming overweight.

Neck contouring not only takes years off your apparent age but it can also make it seem as though you’ve lost weight and become more youthful. We offer a variety of neck contouring procedures ranging from the non-invasive lipolysis to the minimally invasive liposuction and ending with neck lift surgery. Depending on your case, your own desired outcomes and our consultation; an appropriate course of action will be chosen for you. In all cases, the goal is to achieve a tight, firm and smooth neck & jaw line. You can expect the results to be permanent. Other procedures might also be done in combination for optimal symmetry such as a face lift or a rhinoplasty.

Prominent Ears - Bat Ears

During the wondrous stages of our development into miracles of life, the cartilage in our ears folds into its final shape. Slight misfolding of the cartilage is the most common cause of ears that protrude out from the head, sometimes referred to as “Bat Ears”. This can cause you to be self-conscious and prove to be a social or psychological hurdle in your life.

Whether it’s that, or any number of other ear asymmetries, we can offer you the solution. Otoplasty is the name of the correcting procedure. It’s quite a minor cosmetic surgery that involves the removal of excess ear cartilage in order to achieve a most desirable look. Despite taking 2 hours or less to perform, it can have major lifetime consequences giving you a huge boost to your confidence and body image. You return home the same day of the procedure and the incision is done at the back of the ear ensuring it’s not visible.

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