Breast Enhancement by Silicone Implants

The new generation of silicone implants are much safer, the surgeon skills in choosing the right shape, size of the implant and the plane of insertion either subglandular (under the breast) or submuscular (under the muscle) and above all proper patient selection all made breast enhancement by silicon a rather successful one. It is mainly designed for those who have smaller breasts either congenital or post lactation.

Usually one day operation under general anesthesia except if associated with much skin laxity where we perform skin lifting with the augmentation, here there will be overnight hospital stay. Convalescence is usually one week, sports are prohibited for a month.

Breast Enhancement by Fat Injection

Breasts naturally come in a wide array of shapes and sizes including in the same individual. They also naturally change with various body changes like significant weight loss, pregnancy and lactation. For these reasons and more, Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast Augmentation procedure) offers women a chance at restoring symmetry, volume or both to their figures. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures with one of overwhelmingly satisfactory outcomes.

One of our methods of choice for Breast Augmentation at the clinic is through fat injection. Fat cells are obtained from a suitable area of your body that has excess fat. These cells are then expertly and carefully injected into target areas of your breast to attain an aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical and enhanced physique.

Breast Enhancement by Mastopexy - Breast Lift

Through the effects of time, genes and physiological changes (Pregnancy & Breastfeeding) the breasts may undergo undesired changes. Breast tissue looses its elasticity and the skin begins to sag. A Breast Lift procedure aims to reverse the clock on these changes and restore firmness, shape and youthfulness.

Through an inconspicuous incision, our surgeon will remove any excess skin and breast tissue. The nipple and areola may also be re-positioned and reshaped. Depending on your desired outcome, Breast Enhancement may even be done concurrently to achieve optimal results. The end result is a beautifully young-looking silhouette that boosts your confidence and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Breast Enhancement by Reduction

Sometimes breast size is embarrassingly huge to cause psychological upset besides neck and shoulder pains. In the reduction mammoplasty operation, we aim to get a harmonious beautiful shape with a viable sensing nipples. The scar should be inconspicuous as possible and hopefully the breasts can feed as well. The modern surgical techniques can have most of those goals safely in a predictable way, so it is of at most importance to discuss all these issues before the operation in details.

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